kubwira | tell your story

In 2016, I began an idea-turned project-of telling my grandmother’s story.

This project is tentatively called kubwira, a kinyarwanda word meaning “to tell.”

For three hours, on a sunny March afternoon, my grandmother told me her story. The bits and pieces, the nitty-gritty, and the large level patterns in the course of her life. In turn, I asked her questions. Lots of them. What happened to that person? How did that make you feel? In what ways did you respond? How did your faith play in a role in that? Did you regret that choice? I ask questions out of curiosity – but I also ask questions because they help us seek truth. Following this session, I am writing my grandmother’s story with her. I write, she edits. Repeat.

If you are interested in taking part in kubwira and learning more, please contact me at heathermnewell@yahoo.com. 

My creative writing portfolio includes featured spots in Communal Table, the United States Peace Corps blog, The Women’s Bakery blog, and local Rwandan publications.

I contribute regularly to Africa Agenda, a media outlet for positive African news, based in Denver, Colorado.

Additionally, I consult on an individual basis with clients needing support in writing, editing, and professional communication in the English Language. I am passionate to work with individuals looking to develop blog content (and vision!), writing review, and processing communication in new forms whether in the social or private sphere. I am able to also produce policy manuals for organizations and companies as needed.

For additional contact, questions, or inquiries, please email me at: heathermnewell@yahoo.com. 

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